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Eczema and Swimming

I’m not aware of swimming in the sea causing many problems with eczema, if anything beach holidays with all that Welsh sun are probably a good thing.  Interesting program on the BBC Trust Me I’m a doctor  regarding the use of  Endolysins to potentially help reduce eczema symptons. Little bit more info on som eof […]

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Dogs Love Poppit

Dogs love Poppit. With a huge sandy beach, fantastic coastal path  your dog is sure to have a fab holiday in Wales.  We welcome well behaved dogs at Morawel and we are sure that well behaved dogs will love staying with us.  There are some restrictions on dogs in the summer months, but that only […]

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Easter Cottage

Eggscape to Poppit Sands in April. Why not come and spend a week in Wales in April and celebrate a Welsh Easter! Bank Holidays should be holiday time, do the DIY and gardening on another weekend and get yourself off to Wales.

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Five Reasons to holiday in Poppit

Wildlife. There is so much wildlife waiting to be discovered off the coast of Pembrokeshire. Seals, puffins and dolphins can be spotted in numerous locations. Inland there are red kites and other birds of prey hovering in the skies. Adventure Sports, Ever fancied Coasteering ? Kayaking at beaches like Newgale and Whitesands o r paddling […]

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New Website

We are now well into 2015 and we decided to give the website a bit of a spruce up.  We’ve added some new photo’s and improved the calendar a little. Hope you all like it, based around the WordPress theme ‘the place’

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