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Cardigan Port Tide Times 2021-06-21

Cardigan Port – Poppit Sands Tide Times in GMT 2021-06-21 HighWater Time:04:02 Height: 4.03m 2021-06-21 LowWater Time:10:43 Height: 1.30m 2021-06-21 HighWater Time:16:37 Height: 4.03m 2021-06-21 LowWater Time:23:12 Height: 1.28m 2021-06-22 HighWater Time:05:01 Height: 4.22m 2021-06-22 LowWater Time:11:51 Height: 1.11m 2021-06-22 Read More

Whats on in Cardigan this week 2021-06-17

Glandwr – Open Garden for NGS http://ngs.org.uk/find-a-garden/?postcode=SA44%205DA&from_date=&to_date=&date=all_dates&gardenPage=1&opening_type=normal&distance=1#results-intro See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1430060/glandwr-open-garden-for-ngs Sat 10, Sun 11 July (11-5). Admission Â?3.50, Children free. Home-made teas. Times:11:00 to 17:00. Open for charity.PLEASE CHECK WEBSITE BELOW. 01559 363729 Sat 10 Jul 2021 and Read More

Cardigan Port Tide Times 2021-06-17

Cardigan Port – Poppit Sands Tide Times in GMT 2021-06-17 LowWater Time:06:24 Height: 1.55m 2021-06-17 HighWater Time:12:12 Height: 3.69m 2021-06-17 LowWater Time:18:41 Height: 1.66m 2021-06-18 HighWater Time:00:38 Height: 3.83m 2021-06-18 LowWater Time:07:15 Height: 1.60m 2021-06-18 HighWater Time:13:18 Height: 3.63m 2021-06-18 Read More

Cardigan Port Tide Times 2021-06-14

Cardigan Port – Poppit Sands Tide Times in GMT 2021-06-14 LowWater Time:04:30 Height: 1.27m 2021-06-14 HighWater Time:09:45 Height: 4.06m 2021-06-14 LowWater Time:16:41 Height: 1.33m 2021-06-14 HighWater Time:22:00 Height: 4.15m 2021-06-15 LowWater Time:05:04 Height: 1.36m 2021-06-15 HighWater Time:10:28 Height: 3.94m 2021-06-15 Read More

Whats on in Cardigan this week 2021-06-10

Pont Trecynny – Open Garden for NGS http://ngs.org.uk/find-a-garden/?postcode=SA65%209SR&from_date=&to_date=&date=all_dates&gardenPage=1&opening_type=normal&distance=1#results-intro See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1430069/pont-trecynny-open-garden-for-ngs Wed 26 May, Wed 23 June (11-4). Admission £5, Children free. Pre-booking essential, please phone 01348873040 or email [email protected] for information & booking. Times:11:00 to 16:00. Open Read More