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Cardigan Port Tide Times 2021-04-01

Cardigan Port – Poppit Sands Tide Times in GMT 2021-04-01 LowWater Time:04:39 Height: 0.45m 2021-04-01 HighWater Time:09:58 Height: 4.90m 2021-04-01 LowWater Time:16:58 Height: 0.63m 2021-04-01 HighWater Time:22:20 Height: 4.70m 2021-04-02 LowWater Time:05:14 Height: 0.72m 2021-04-02 HighWater Time:10:44 Height: 4.58m 2021-04-02 Read More

Cardigan Port Tide Times 2021-03-29

Cardigan Port – Poppit Sands Tide Times in GMT 2021-03-29 LowWater Time:02:45 Height: 0.49m 2021-03-29 HighWater Time:07:56 Height: 5.02m 2021-03-29 LowWater Time:15:14 Height: 0.34m 2021-03-29 HighWater Time:20:18 Height: 4.99m 2021-03-30 LowWater Time:03:29 Height: 0.34m 2021-03-30 HighWater Time:08:36 Height: 5.13m 2021-03-30 Read More

Whats on in Cardigan this week 2021-03-25

Rock Mill, Powys: a reclaimed riverside – Virtual Open Garden – NGS http://ngs.org.uk/ See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1431455/rock-mill-powys-a-reclaimed-riverside-virtual-open-garden-ngs The National Garden Scheme gives visitors unique access to over 3,500 exceptional private gardens in England and Wales, and raises impressive amounts Read More

Cardigan Port Tide Times 2021-03-25

Cardigan Port – Poppit Sands Tide Times in GMT 2021-03-25 HighWater Time:05:05 Height: 3.61m 2021-03-25 LowWater Time:11:56 Height: 1.63m 2021-03-25 HighWater Time:17:35 Height: 3.75m 2021-03-26 LowWater Time:00:17 Height: 1.50m 2021-03-26 HighWater Time:05:54 Height: 4.04m 2021-03-26 LowWater Time:12:50 Height: 1.21m 2021-03-26 Read More

Cardigan Port Tide Times 2021-03-22

Cardigan Port – Poppit Sands Tide Times in GMT 2021-03-22 HighWater Time:00:36 Height: 3.32m 2021-03-22 LowWater Time:07:10 Height: 2.18m 2021-03-22 HighWater Time:13:23 Height: 3.14m 2021-03-22 LowWater Time:19:45 Height: 2.28m 2021-03-23 HighWater Time:02:04 Height: 3.13m 2021-03-23 LowWater Time:08:52 Height: 2.27m 2021-03-23 Read More