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Surviving Long Arduous Journeys

Holidays, visits to friends and family and even work are invariably broken down into a series of long, seemingly endless journeys. Whether you’re travelling by car, bus, train or boat, you’re bound to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to while away the hours in cramped conditions with a bunch of screaming kids. When […]

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February in Poppit Sands

It has gone really cold again this morning, even the dog thought twice about going for a run on the beach.  However there is something rather nice about walking on a wind swept beach on your own, with all that space around you.  You don’t really think about it much but day to day you […]

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Britain’s Best Mountains For Mountain Biking

With many fantastic trails to choose from, Britain’s mountain bikers are spoilt for choice. However, some destinations really stand out from the rest, making them ideal choices for mountain biking holidays. 1. Aonach Mor, Scotland Situated near Ben Nevis, in the Scottish Highlands, Aonach Mor is one of Britain’s most famous mountain biking destinations. It’s […]

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Top 5 Apps for a Holiday at Poppit Sands

Google Sky Map Looking at the stars on a clear night in Poppit Sands can be a fantastic experience.  With little or no light pollution from the surrounding area the night sky is more visiable than I am use to.  The Sky Map app allows you to point your phone to the sky and it […]

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Top 10 Tips For Best Quad Biking Holidays

Exhilarating, often dangerous but always fun – describes the experience of Quad Biking. And what better way to enjoy this thrilling activity than to plan a Quad Biking Holiday. And there are many locations and opportunities to do this around the world. Here’s a Top 10 guide to finding the most suitable Quad Biking Holiday […]

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