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Fishguard Folk Festival

On next weekend 1st – 4th June 2012 Just down the road from Poppit Sands and worth a visit for a day or two.  Great drive along the coast into Fishguard if you’ve not done it before.  This is the 13th annual celebration of folk music, along with music and dance. This years artists include […]

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Canoe Slalom World Cup 2012

Cardiff is hosting this year’s ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup.  The event is being held at Cardiff International White Water between the 8th – 10th June 2012.  The world’s best paddlers are expected to attend. Tickets are on sale at Canoe Cardiff There are 45 of the world’s best slalon paddlers coming in from 38 […]

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Beach Clothing For Poppit Sands

The average Poppit Sands holiday can include a wide range of activities. From relaxing on hot golden sand on the beach to playing in the waves, landboarding or just walking the dog. . Then there are long evenings with the cool breeze coming in off the see and the walk to and from the Webly. […]

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Mountain Biking trails in Wales

Do you dare to ride the top Mountain Biking trails in Wales? I’ve linked to this article on Visit Wales Website becuase its just worth the read if you have 5mins and a decent MTB and fancy a visit to Wales.  Poppit will of course be booked. “Wales literally has it all when it comes […]

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Fay at Poppit Sands

I love finding old pictures.  I would imagine this was taken around 1982 in Poppit.  And I’m suppose to be the grumpy one. And in the interests of balanced reporting a picture of me in Poppit taken from around 1970….

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