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MTB Pembrokeshire

I’ve always been fairly active riding on the South Downs and other bits of the UK but never actually brought my bike down to Poppit.   Thats probably because every journey I make the car is packed and when I get down here the children aren’t the best people to ride out with.  Really they aren’t […]

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Top 10 Drinks for Poppit

Top 10 beach drinks to try at Poppit Sands when the weather improves a little bit! 10)  Red Stripe Lager.  Cool refreshing drink  with a hint of the Jamaican sunshine. 9) Sex on the Beach.   I suppose you could  have guessed that would be on the list.  Vodka based cocktail with peach schnapps, fresh orange […]

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Dog at Poppit

Taken a few years back this , but just found it on an old laptop and it made me smile.

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Wales Coast Path

Not before time I have to say, but Saturday the 5th May 2012 marks the official opening of The Wales Coast Path. There are a number of events being help to mark the opening in Aberystwyth, Cardiff and Flint.  The environment minister Mr John Griffiths will open the path officially at the Cardiff celebrations. The […]

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Poppit Sands Mermaid

Well not really Poppit Sands mermaid, but as your drive out of St Dogmaels have you ever noticed the Mermaid statue by the jetty just as you leave.   Its looking a little weather warn at the moment but just behind the bus stop there is a Mermaid ! The reason being is that there is […]

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