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Moon Jellyfish

oh my god there is a jellyfish in the sea and its going to sting us…… go the cry of my children.  There were a number of Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia Aurita) on the beach and a few in the sea this year in Poppit.  So do they really sting ? I’ve done some reading and […]

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Seaweed @ Poppit Sands

We’ve been playing in the sunny rock pools at Poppit and as a game to keep the kids amused we decided to see who could fine the most different types of seaweed and name them! So here goes (I should get some photo’s really) I might pop back later and take some 1) Sea Lettuce.  […]

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First Sunny Day in Poppit

I’ve just checked the calendar and it really is July.   Having been in Morawel for almost a week today is the first day it’s been sunny and the waves have been nothing to write about either. All the same its lovely to be back listening to the sea in the evenings and the complete pitch […]

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Weaver or Weever Fish

It’s getting to that time of the year again when the beaches begin to get busy.  I was asked the other day if I’d ever heard of a weaver fish.  Yes I have and the bottom of my foot has met one.  I then went on to explain that they are little fish that hang […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Holiday in Poppit Sands

Poppit sands Guide. Poppit Sands is a vast golden sandy beach on the west coast of Wales in Cardigan Bay, with larged sand dunes at the mouth of the Teifi Estuary. 1. Poppit  Sands Beach itself The stunning beach of Poppit Sands has to be at the top of the list. This beautiful sandy beach stretches […]

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