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Poppit Sands and Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is the most popular holiday destinations in Wales, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. It is a region of  natural beauty that has adapted to offer  more visitor attractions than other counties in Wales. Pembrokeshire coastlines is  over 350 miles  of rugged, weather-beaten cliffs and beaches. Tourist  towns such as St Davids, […]

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Coasteering at Poppit Sands

We decided to do some child friend coasteering this year while at Poppit Sands.  For those that aren’t familiar with the activity it basically involves scrabbling around the coastline over rocks thru the water and jumping off anything that looks safe. Fortunately just around the corner is a small cove called Ceibwr  (about a mile […]

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Self Catering in Wales

Someone asked me if I won the lottery would I still go to Poppit Sands on holiday?  Clearly he didn’t know me very well and the reply wsa yes, why wouldn’t I want to go to Poppit Sands.  But it did sort of get me thinking on reflection why I answered yes so quickly and […]

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Holiday in a Caravan

I get some much traffic related to Poppit Sands caravan park I thought I would mention the benefits of holidaying in a caravan.   Holidaying in a caravan means you can stay in some of the prettiest places in Wales and pay significantly less than the equivalent hotel.  Poppit Sands is a play of outstanding natural […]

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Holiday Cottages in Wales

I was reading a interesting article the other day saying that tourists trends are changing and that holiday makers are staying in cottages rather than hotels. If this trend is in fact true then Wales should be a big benefactor of it. I would much sooner stay in a cottage and eat what I want […]

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