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Barley Saturday Cardigan

Barley Saturday is a big event in the Cardigan calendar and is being held this year on the 27th April 2012. There are no firm records as to how long this event has been going, but popular myth has it that it started around the 1850’s. Originally Barley Saturday was used by farmers in the […]

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Horse Riding on Poppit Sands

There can be nothing better than cantering your horse on a massive open beach with next you no one around.  How often can you do that ?  Well if you live near Poppit Sands  and the tide is out your are in luck.  Poppit is a large sandy beach  and horses are welcome.   You can […]

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Sands Holiday

Browsing around the web I found one of my posts on building sand castles while on holiday copied exactly and placed on someone else’s website.  Fair comment to a degree we all get ideas from reading but this site had exactly copied the content with no link back or explanation that I was the orginal […]

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Top Farm Parks to Visit in Wales

List of great farm parks to have a day out in. 1) Foel Farm Park, Isle of Anglesey 2) Children’s Farm Park, Cardigan Bay 3) Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park, Cardigan Island…. with views of Poppit Sands ! 4) Greenmeadow Community Farm, Torfaen 5) Cantref Adventure Farm and Riding Centre, Brecon Beacons 6) Folly Farm, […]

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Only another week to go!

There is no way this lovely sunshine is going to last another two weeks for us.  I beginning to think i might need to buy some flip flops for the beach its looking so warm.  The puppy shredded my last pair, this time of year is great for getting burnt in the sun, so I’m […]

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