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Ancient Fish Trap at Poppit

I love this story.  If you ever look at poppit from Google maps you can see a large V shape in the water.  Apparently this 260m structure is more than 1000 years old, or so experts would have you believe. I’ve looked for on a number of occasions from the kayak and I think I’m […]

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Top 10 Places to visit in Pembrokeshire

  The is a slight rehash of the the link on the main page.  Anyway its a list of the places we like to visit.  Some more than once a year, others just on occasions 1) Poppit Sands 2) Folly Farm Adventure Park 3) Celtic Quest Coasteering 4) Carew Castle, Tenby 5) Reptile Experience, Pembroke […]

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Welcome to the holiday cottage

  So i managed to install a word press system.  Looks really nice and hopefully I might add stuff to it over the next few months.   Spelling mistakes and all

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This really will be the last one today

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Beach Holiday in Wales

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