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Adders and Sand

Not something the Welsh tourist board would encourage much media coverage about and I’m not sure if blue flag beaches need to be Adder free but I think the dunes in Poppit have more than their fair share.  They are suppose to be difficult to find and I’m sure they are if you go looking for them, but just walking around in the dunes its not unusual to spot what curled up on the path.  Sunny days in Easter holidays have always  been the best time to spot them (none this year) but I did see one last week on path.

Didn’t take a picture, but strangely found this blog with a picture of an Adder which was taken in Poppit.

The first time I saw one I was surprised my how small they were when curled up…. may be watching ‘snakes on a plane’ and Harry Potter films made me think they should be bigger than they are.  One of my Mum’s dogs was bitten a few years back on the face and was in a fairly bad way for 24hours so they really should be left alone.  They don’t  seek out people and are not aggressive per say.  They much prefer to hide, but if you do find one out in the open don’t pick it up to show people, it might not end well 🙂