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Beach Clothing For Poppit Sands

The average Poppit Sands holiday can include a wide range of activities. From relaxing on hot golden sand on the beach to playing in the waves, landboarding or just walking the dog. . Then there are long evenings with the cool breeze coming in off the see and the walk to and from the Webly. Poppit Sands holiday makers should keep all these factors in mind when dressing for their holiday. Items like sunglasses and swimsuits are obvious, but there’s also a variety of extra kit that is required to enjoy any beach holiday.
Poppit Sands Beach Clothing
For the beach itself, you’ll need a bathing suit, sandals or flip-flops – no socks please with your sandals. You’ll also some loose fitting light clothes, T-shirt always seems the best bet if your under sixty…. this provides protection from the sun and some warmth on the occasional mild day in Poppit. Women should pack cover-up attire like a chiffon skirt, wrap, sarong or tank cover-up for walking to and from the beach.
Sun Protection
The most important thing you need on your beach holiday is sun cream/screen. A high PF water resistant one is a must, and to keep re-applying it throughout the day. Sun glasses make sitting around reading that much more comfortable and there is growing evidence that sun glasses with uva/uvb protection help protect your eyes from the effect of toooo much sun.
Casual Clothing

You’ll want to wear casual clothing when going out in the evening. St Dogmaels and Cardigan have a pretty strict dress code when going out in the evening. You need to be both presentable and comfortable and fashionable. Polo shirts, boating shoes seem like the best order of the day…actually has far as I’m aware the dress code for most of Wales is just wear something and even then thats not enforced most of the time . If you are doing much walking on the cliffs it can get very breezy so some sort of wind proof jacket is always good to have around, also the evening do get chilly so a jacket is a must for the late evening.
You need a watch to make sure you don’t miss dinner. A ipad or kindle are always useful but unfortunately they are not sand resistant and will last about 20mins on Poppit unless in a sealed bag… But perhaps a book is probably the best solution. Leaving valuables unattended anywhere is never a good idea when you go for a swim. Lots of fresh water is always a useful thing to have around with a cooler full of beer just in case you get thirsty.