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Beach Games for Competitive Children

Sunny day on the beach in Poppit and thinking what to do with ‘bored’ children.  These are some of the games we’ve either played as  family or seen others attempting.  No warranty can be given on how well these will go down with the rest of the family !

1)      Frisbee throwing.   Identify a target 7-10 metres away ( not a person or dog) and take turning in attempting to hit it

2)      Digging.   Who can dig the deepest whole in 5 mins with only their hands

3)      Shot Putt.  Who can throw the stone / rock / ball the furthest

4)      Stone Skimming.   1 minute to find a flatstone and then count the number of bounces you achieve when skimming into the sea.

5)      Ball Push.  Using only your head to push a tennis ball  over a short distance .  Blindfold to make more difficult.

6)      Sand Castle.   30mins to build with tide coming in.  Flag in the top.  Last flag standing wins.