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The Cottage

Poppit Sands Rock Pools

What can you find in the rocks pools at Poppit Sands  or for that matter anywhere else around the UK coast?  I know that the collecting of shells and the like is a serious hobby for many, mind extends to the ability to at least guess at a name for the life forms that my […]

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Grey Seals

Grey seals are s are dappled silvery to dusky brown-grey in colour, they are well camouflaged against the the rocky beaches around Pembrokeshire. Grey seals interestingly appear black when wet so can be fairly easy to spot when they are in the water. Males that can grow up to three metres in length and females […]

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Coasteering at Holiday Cottage Wales

I missed out due to work commitment lasts years first coasteering trip by the family… for work commitments you should really read, ran out of holiday days.  Anyway sour grapes aside they booked  a morning with FForest and went for a swim / jump/climb around the coast. It involved some scrabbling up some rocks, a […]

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Crab Fishing

This has become more popular recently in our household and something that now has to be done pretty much every time we visit Poppit.    There’s not a lot to it to be honest and I’m sure people have their favourite spots and favourite bait, but to be honest like all fishing its the taking part […]

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Mobile Reception In Poppit Sands, Wales

I’ve had my fair share of mobiles over the years and thought it might be worth putting a few words down as to what the reception is like in Poppit.   The good news is that Orange works really well and is the network of choice for me and the family.  Now they are part of […]

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