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Bowen’s Fish & Chip Shop, St Dogmaels

This has got to be one of our favourite fish and chip shops, which being about two miles away from Poppit is fairly handy when you’ve had one of those long days on the beach doing very little and just can’t face cooking for the kids.  So providing you have a sober enough driver then I can really recommend their fish and chips.  There not the cheapest in the world, but to be honest as a treat for the kids a couple of pounds here or there for a meal isn’t the end of the world.  Their batter on the fish is lovely and appears to be less greasy than most, not sure how that works given they are deep fried, but really it is good.  Chips excellent and a pretty good all round experience.  The shop is located on almost opposite the car park in St Dogmaels on the sharp ‘s’ bend.  They also do eat in and from what I’ve heard from other people service is excellent and they are all very friendly.   But I prefer a drink with my tea so we’ve always had take away.  Their phone number if you wish to pre-order which I recommend since it can be busy in the summer is 01239 61381.

Given them a try and see how you go.  For further local articels see our site

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