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New Website

We are now well into 2015 and we decided to give the website a bit of a spruce up.  We’ve added some new photo’s and improved the calendar a little. Hope you all like it, based around the WordPress theme ‘the place’

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Best four Poppit Sands Video’s

  Well other than my dogs play on the beach many years back I thought I’d try and find the best four video’s of Poppit Sands 1) The fish trap, not exactly the beach but close enough 2) Estuary views 3)  Very large panorama 4) And finally

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What Will Poppit Sands Be Like In 100Years?

Interesting idea as I looked at the beach today.  Given how much the layout of the beach has changed over the last 2 years I wonder what it will be like in 100 years. The postcards we have from the 1930’s show a beach of stones with a high wall at the end of the […]

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Great Easter at Poppit Sands

Well what can I say about the weather this Easter… well to be fair Easter Sunday was foul but the week leading up to it must rank as the best April week I’ve had in years.  New bathroom is all fitted out now and looking really sharp.  Just need to remember to take a picture […]

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Spring at Poppit Sands

So its been a while since I’ve posted anything about Poppit, but the warm sunshine of the last few days as reminded me of last summer at the beach, playing in the sea.    I’ll sort some decent photographs out at Easter but we’ve had a few changes at Morawel over the winter.  There is a […]

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