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Why you should chose a holiday cottage rather than a hotel ?

Do you ever really feel  at home in a Hotel, I know I never do, but staying in a holiday cottage is so completely different.  You do feel at home, you don’t feel awkward and you don’t need to interact with all the staff and play my their rules and timetable. You also get all […]

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West Wales Farmers Bloodhounds

Just got back from watching the hunt in Cardigan for their annual Boxing day meet. Its a great tradition and despite the rain good see them in  the town centre.  However you have to feel sorry for the drag runner on a day like today, although they probably have some Christmas lunch to run off.  […]

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Morawel’s New Water Feature

Has it rained in Poppit  or has it rained in Poppit over the last month?  We always thought that there might be a possibility of rising sea levels and Morawel ending up a little underwater, but we never considered it raining so much that the field at the back would become water logged.  We now […]

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Top English Holiday Destinations

Going on holiday is a great chance to get away from the pressures of everyday life, have a change (which is as good as a rest or so they say) and experience new and different cultures, activities and ideas. Holidays abroad can get pricey and flying increases our carbon footprint by a massive amount. There […]

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Say Caws

Caws Cenarth produce a lovely range of soft and hard cheeses or should we say Caws Cenarth cynhyrchu ystod o gaws meddal a chaled. Now its almost Christmas and having spent a good number of years in the Midlands its always been the tradition to go to the diary and in Cropwell Bishop and get a […]

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