The Beach

The Surroundings

The Cottage

New Kitchen and Bathroom

Morwel is getting a facelift for 2014.  Over the winter a new  kitchen and bathroom have been installed.  Despite the massive waves seen last Friday everything is still standing, although the sand on the beach has been re-modelled a bit and the waves just about reached the wall at the end of the garden.    Hope […]

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Last Day in Poppit

Probably the best couple of weeks weather wise we have ever had in Poppit Sands.  Sunny every day, clear water for snorkelling, flat water for the kids to kayak on and sun tan cream on every day.   Beach and Teifi flow has changed ever so slightly again, there’s almost a beach in Patch now on […]

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Its Hot in Poppit

  Its hot here this week and I mean really hot for Poppit.  Sun has been out every day for a week and today promises to be even hotter.   Been snorkelling a few times at Ceibwr, with the lack of rain and calm seas the visibility is excellent.  A few spider crabs, couple of Jelly […]

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St Dogmaels Carnival 2013

St Dogmaels Carnival will be held this year on the 27th July at 2pm.  It will leave from the old Jewson outlet on St Dogmaels Road  at 2pm and the main events are going to be held on the Netpool Green. There is going to be a collection of stalls, a bouncy castle, games to […]

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Beach Rugby

ok you’ve been watching the Lions play and have just about sobered up, why not consider a games of beach rugby in Poppit.  The sand is soft (well most of the time) and there’s loads of space.   I found these sets of rules at this site Sure the weather is better in Ibiza, but just […]

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