The Beach

The Surroundings

The Cottage

Old Photos of Poppit Sands

I was walking back to the cottage last time I was there and thinking that the dunes are now making significant progress down the beach away from the area they have been in and about for the last 10 years. What I would like if possible is to create a small gallery of pictures over […]

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Moving WordPress Directories

When I installed wordpress on Poppit Sands site it was as a bit of an experiment and I used the default location of domainname/wp I loved wordpress and decided to go with it for the site after adding a fair bit of content. I never did quiet like the /wp in all the URL’s and […]

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Last nice weekend at Poppit

So was today the last Sunny day in Poppit Sands for this year.  I hope not, but  September hasn’t been too bad and I hope all those that came to Poppit this year had a lovely time and enjoyed their stay.  I know we all did as a family and are already planning what to […]

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Rooting and Unlocking T-moble Rapport Huawei U8180

I’ve had a couple of Geeky weekends playing with the daughters phone.   PLEASE do not try this if you are not happy to damage you phone.  Software outlined here is at best unreliable and may leave you with a non working phone The T-Mobile Rapport phone which I bought a year or so ago had […]

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Castles of Wales

I’ve never really thought about it much that there are a large number of castles in Wales.  You get use to those lumps of stone in varying states of repair dotted around the place.  Wales has actually got one of the highest concentrations of medieval castles in the world, which then surely makes Wales the […]

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