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The Cottage

Easter Cottage

Eggscape to Poppit Sands in April. Why not come and spend a week in Wales in April and celebrate a Welsh Easter! Bank Holidays should be holiday time, do the DIY and gardening on another weekend and get yourself off to Wales.

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Five Reasons to holiday in Poppit

Wildlife. There is so much wildlife waiting to be discovered off the coast of Pembrokeshire. Seals, puffins and dolphins can be spotted in numerous locations. Inland there are red kites and other birds of prey hovering in the skies. Adventure Sports, Ever fancied Coasteering ? Kayaking at beaches like Newgale and Whitesands o r paddling […]

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New Website

We are now well into 2015 and we decided to give the website a bit of a spruce up.  We’ve added some new photo’s and improved the calendar a little. Hope you all like it, based around the WordPress theme ‘the place’

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Best four Poppit Sands Video’s

  Well other than my dogs play on the beach many years back I thought I’d try and find the best four video’s of Poppit Sands 1) The fish trap, not exactly the beach but close enough 2) Estuary views 3)  Very large panorama 4) And finally

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What Will Poppit Sands Be Like In 100Years?

Interesting idea as I looked at the beach today.  Given how much the layout of the beach has changed over the last 2 years I wonder what it will be like in 100 years. The postcards we have from the 1930’s show a beach of stones with a high wall at the end of the […]

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