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Poppit Sands Pictures Easter 12

1st post of the pictures didn’t quite work as expected.  Had some nice days this Easter for a change and I’ve updated a few pictures.  

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Starfish at Poppit Sands

First day on the beach at Poppit Sands today and looking around the rock pools it was one of those rare times when there were dozens of starfish in and around the rocks.  I’m sure its related to the massive storm we had a couple of days back but fascinating to see all the same.  […]

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Made it to Poppit Sands

Good Friday is definitely not the day to travel on the M4 to Poppit.  Thought it was going to be a poor journey, but 6.5 hours was a little longer than I would have preferred.  Weather is cold but not raining as of yet,  beach has lots of big clumps of seaweed given the recent […]

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Barley Saturday Cardigan

Barley Saturday is a big event in the Cardigan calendar and is being held this year on the 27th April 2012. There are no firm records as to how long this event has been going, but popular myth has it that it started around the 1850’s. Originally Barley Saturday was used by farmers in the […]

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Horse Riding on Poppit Sands

There can be nothing better than cantering your horse on a massive open beach with next you no one around.  How often can you do that ?  Well if you live near Poppit Sands  and the tide is out your are in luck.  Poppit is a large sandy beach  and horses are welcome.   You can […]

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