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Poppit Sands YHA Refit

If you are unlucky enough not tohave booked the cottage this year or have friends coming down to visit, you may be interested in the fact that the YHA has just spent £155K refitting out the youth hostel, just up the hill at the back of us. Never been inside, but its an easy walk […]

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Iron Age Fort

Castell Henllys is an iron age fort just up the road from Poppit Sands.  If you have children and or are interested in that sort of thing then is another excellent day out. Again its been a few years since we have beenand I’m sure they have even more stuff there now, but the kids […]

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Pembrokeshire Fish Week 2012

  This made me smile.  I thought by parents were kidding, but anyway Pembrokeshire Fish week is 23rd June to 1st July 2012 and apparently you don’t even have to like fish. But really there is loads of stuff going on in and around the coast and might be worth dropping in on a few […]

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Mobile Reception In Poppit Sands, Wales

I’ve had my fair share of mobiles over the years and thought it might be worth putting a few words down as to what the reception is like in Poppit.   The good news is that Orange works really well and is the network of choice for me and the family.  Now they are part of […]

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Simple booking calendar for Holiday Cottages

We went for a number of years without having a decent calendar up of what bookings we had and current availability.  Its difficult when some people aren’t that computer literate and more than one person is doing the bookings.   However earlier in the year I did find a script by Gary Everest  on his website […]

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