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Fishing the River Teifi

The Teifi flows from the Cambrian Mountains  to Poppit and is some 70miles long with a number of  waterfalls and rockey gorges. There are also quiet a few  deep pools and swift glides and the river is known as the Queen of the game Fishing Rivers.  As an added bonus (or not) it has a […]

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Welsh Food for Poppit Sands

•    Tatws Pum Munud Welsh stew, made with potatoes, vegetables and bacon and cooked in a pan •    Tatws Popty  Welsh stew, made with potatoes, vegetables and a joint of meat, and cooked in an oven. •    Teisennau Tatws is a potato dish, served as an side dish. •    Welsh rarebit. The Welsh term for […]

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Bird Watching Teifi Marshes

Teifi marshes are just a stone throw away from Poppit Sands and were my Dad use to play as a kid.  The Ridge Way gang and all that, anyway there is a great blog here   with what’s currently being seen there.  The water buffulo use to be a great feature and the Otter 😉 Further […]

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MTB Pembrokeshire

I’ve always been fairly active riding on the South Downs and other bits of the UK but never actually brought my bike down to Poppit.   Thats probably because every journey I make the car is packed and when I get down here the children aren’t the best people to ride out with.  Really they aren’t […]

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Top 10 Drinks for Poppit

Top 10 beach drinks to try at Poppit Sands when the weather improves a little bit! 10)  Red Stripe Lager.  Cool refreshing drink  with a hint of the Jamaican sunshine. 9) Sex on the Beach.   I suppose you could  have guessed that would be on the list.  Vodka based cocktail with peach schnapps, fresh orange […]

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