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Crab Fishing

This has become more popular recently in our household and something that now has to be done pretty much every time we visit Poppit.    There’s not a lot to it to be honest and I’m sure people have their favourite spots and favourite bait, but to be honest like all fishing its the taking part thats part of the fun…. Who am I kidding if they haven’t caught something within 5 mins we are bored.

So what bait do we use.  I’ve used shell fish from the rocks that we have smashed off, bacon, and some Tesco value Tuna.  This is probably the preferred bait if you were to ask the dog, since she will do just about anything for Tuna can juice.   So buy you £1 line and fill the net bag up with bait or attach to the hook.  I think the bags work best since they tend to hold on tighter when pulling out of the water and you get less drop off’s

If you want bucket loads of crabs go to the dock in St Dogmaels and just drop you line now the side nearest the bank.  If you have a bit of patience then fishing just as the tide is coming to the rock pools in Poppit will yield a surprising number of the side ways walking friends.

Unfortunately if you are hungry you are still going to have to go to Tesco’s none are of the size fit for eating.  If they were I suppose I would have cries of panic from the girls anyway.