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Dog friendly Cottage in Wales

This is a blatant piece on advertising for people with dogs to come and visit Wales in a holiday cottage that accepts dog.  Poppit is a great beach for dog owners, when the tide is out there is a vast expanse of beach for them to run themselves senseless.  There are some summer time restrictions on the beach but its only about a fifth of the area so you do need to walk 50yds from the cottage prior to letting the dog off.  In practice I’ve never seen a dog warden and the lifeguards are only there 10am-6pm so I’m not sure who enforces it.

The cottage is happy to have people stay with dogs, as most owner are pretty good and leaving the place free of any trace of their dogs and to date we’ve never had an issue.  Actually my Puppy was probably the worst offended that’s been there in recent years, need to get some video of her on the beach chasing the birds.  Some guard dog she is, happy to meet everyone but has some issue with birds on the beach and they need chasing regardless of the chances of actually getting near them.  I don’t think Seagull actually tastes that good form what I’ve read !