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February in Poppit Sands

It has gone really cold again this morning, even the dog thought twice about going for a run on the beach.  However there is something rather nice about walking on a wind swept beach on your own, with all that space around you.  You don’t really think about it much but day to day you are in such close contact with other people, to be out of sight of another living person is quiet calming.

Looking forward to the Easter holidays, and wonder if the kids will be brave enough to have a surf.  I suspect not, as they’ve got older their desire to surf is limited to only the summer months, when they were younger they had no fear of the cold.  Perhaps I should stop buying those cheap wetsuits off Ebay and get something a little thicker……. and there again maybe not.  When they stop growing they can be warm.

Not much going on around Poppit at this time of the year.  There is a gardening weekend in Llndysul on 22nd Feb -> 24th Feb at the Tysul Hall ( SA44 4QJ).  There’s  also the Welsh Lady Fun Run on the 6th March in Aberystwyth.  Its a 3k race with ladies dressed up as a Welsh Lady.  Should make for some interesting photo’s or better still entry and have a go.  Further details can be had from [email protected] Gwawr Edwards will be opening the event this year