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Grey Seals

Grey seals are s are dappled silvery to dusky brown-grey in colour, they are well camouflaged against the the rocky beaches around Pembrokeshire.

Grey seals interestingly appear black when wet so can be fairly easy to spot when they are in the water. Males that can grow up to three metres in length and females are around 20% smaller.  Adult males can  weigh up to 300 kg.

Pembrokeshire has population of around 5000 seals with Ramsey Island providing the largest colony.  Skomer Island comes a close second and with a number of boat trips from there in the holidays makes it a good place to spot seals.

Pups are born between August and December and are white in colour. They tend to sleep and eat for the first 3 weeks of their lives and after that they are pretty much on their own and can take care of themselves…. I’m not sure I believe that fact 100% !