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Holiday Cottage Freedom

Its Easter at last.  Holiday makers are using holiday cottages for their accommodation more and more. The attractions to staying in a holiday cottage over other forms of accommodation such as  B&Bs and hotels is the freedom of self-catering accommodation offers.

Self-catered accommodation comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit most people’s needs and costs vary depending on the location, size and facilities.  But the freedom to do as you please, eat what you like and not feel constrained by rules and etiquette is the real benefit of a holiday cottage in Wales.  The real aim of a holiday is to relax and unwind at your own pace.  I think its easier if you are looking out over the sea!

The variety of locations and type of accomation means its almost guaranteed you can find what you what where you want it.  With companies like Airbnb getting in on the act the range and standard has increased massively over the last few years.   The standard of accommodation in general has improved and with online reviews the need for owners to keep up is more marked than ever.

So be it a coastal property like Poppit Sands, a city break or a remote farm cottage, self-catered accomation has it all. The only problem is that you need to book and book now before all the best places go for next year. Yep you read that right, for the best places are often booked out at least a year in advance for all the desirable times of the year.

Having said that if you don’t have children there have been some great weeks in Wales late May early June over the last few years.

The benefit of staying in a holiday cottage is the freedom and flexibility that it offers. You are free to come and go as you please, no worry about hitting meal times, you set your own agenda based on what works for you.  No interruptions from room service and pets are often welcome.

If cooking is your hobby and you’re on holiday, then self-catered accomation gives you the flexibility to take some time and cook (and eat) without the pressures of your normal day to day routines.  Often the locally sourced food (farm shops, fresh fish etc) can enhance the experience and taste that much better.  In fact, when in Wales why not go and try and catch your fish dinner.  There are plenty of fishing boats in and around Poppit sands.

Even if cooking isn’t your hobby you may like us have children that are (let’s call it fussy eaters) and sitting in a restaurant every night is a chore and you are throwing good money after bad buying food they don’t want, a self catered holiday cottage in Wales is probably what you should be doing for the next few years.

Most cottages are now well equipped, good kitchens, great bathrooms and all the home comforts. There are many local tourist grading systems around, but ultimately pictures paint a thousand words and most sites have pictures of the accommodation on show.

And finally, is probably significantly more cost effective to stay in a self-catered holiday cottage than a hotel or B&B. If you think of the costs of all those purchased meals, the cost of that bottle of very average wine to go with it.  The grumpy service and poor value you can see why people love holiday cottages in Wales.