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Holiday Cottages in Wales

I was reading a interesting article the other day saying that tourists trends are changing and that holiday makers are staying in cottages rather than hotels. If this trend is in fact true then Wales should be a big benefactor of it.

I would much sooner stay in a cottage and eat what I want when I want for significantly less money than the price of a hotel.  I’m much more of a snack person eating little and often.  Three measl a day hotel catering really isn’t what I’m looking for.  Not to mention that I eat more to get my monies worth, which isn’t great.

So holidays by the beach seem to be the place to holiday, especially in Wales!   The coastal areas of Wales have the most fantastic scenery, ranging from golden beaches to craggy cliffs teaming with wildlife.   With this fantastic cottage accommodation dotted around.  Cottage in the middle of nowhere for peace and quiet to a cottage on the edge of a village with a local pub, just take your pick.

Staying in a cottage doesn’t have to mean slaving away feeding the family for every meal, with the money saved think about occasion dining in a nice restaurant nearby, takeaways and even the supermarket ready meals.  Throw the mess into the dishwasher and continue enjoying your holiday.  Most cottages now are quite luxurious and provide all the comforts of home… as so they should.

So where am I going to find these lovely country and seaside cottages.  Well if you are reading this you already have, but others are available thru all sorts of agencies and independent owners.  Google really is your friend here in finding a vast selection of cottages.  Google Places even puts them on the map so you have no complicated Welsh names and places to figure out J

So why not try a holiday cottage in Wales and have the most relaxing holiday ever.