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Holiday in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.

Holiday in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.

Pembrokeshire is one of the most beautiful areas located in the Wales territorial region of the United Kingdom. It is a very popular holiday and tourist destination due to its magnificent and picturesque landscapes, open access to the ocean, beautiful recreational areas and tranquility. There are numerous activities for recreation within Pembrokeshire both for adults as well as for children. Its moderate climate, national parks, beaches, coastal path and the diverse availability of recreational activities make it a unique place to enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

One of the most sought after and highly recommended activities is to walk, jog or run along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, which is identified as one of the best 15 walking trails within England and Wales. Being recognized also as one of Britain’s National Trails, the Coast Path encompasses a wide variety of interesting landscapes suitable for all types of individuals. These range from flat terrain to hilly descends, steep limestone cliffs, undulating terrain across the bay and even glacial valleys during the winter. Visitors can find numerous coastal towns across the coast path, guaranteeing magnificent views across the Atlantic Ocean during any time of the year. Over 180 miles of terrain are available for exploration covering more than 50 beaches and 14 harbours from Cardigan all the way to Saundersfoot.

The second most recommended travel spot within Pembrokeshire is its National Park. Regarded as one Britain’s most breathtaking places, the Pembrokeshire National Park cover almost a third of the entire landmass of Pembrokeshire, being one of the very few national parks that is totally coastal around the world. Activities for children as well as for adults are widely available at the park such as crab catching, time travel, bat walks, rockpool safaris and sightseeing. It is truly a phenomenal park full of natural characteristics that will for certain take anyone’s breath away.

Cycling within Pembrokeshire is a very enjoyable activity to do. Many tourists from England, Europe and other parts of the world come to Pembrokeshire to cycle due to its overall tranquility, the absence of vehicle traffic, breathtaking views and amazing cycling trails that allow cyclists experience different types of cycling terrains. Other main advantage of cycling within Pembrokeshire is the ability to get to know and explore the entire region through cycling, making the holiday time period more effective and highly rewarding in the end.

Even though these are the three main attractions to explore in Pembrokeshire, there are other major attractions and activities to do while on holiday in Pembrokeshire. Arts and crafts activities are available for children, boat trips, gardens, galleries, powerboats, shopping, historic sites, museums and churches. Pembrokeshire also contains numerous restaurants, cafes, tearooms, bakeries and delicatessen available for tourists and visitors. Various gastronomic entrees can be eaten at these locations, along with local seafood dishes, national British dishes as well as gourmet entrees from all over Europe.

Finding accommodation for your holiday in Pembrokeshire is a very simple task with many lodging options available. One of the most common and sought after forms of accommodation are the holiday cottages. These holiday cottages offer a cozy, comfortable and secure form of lodging that is also highly affordable. One of the best holiday cottages present in Pembrokeshire is the Poppit Sands holiday cottage. Located within the sandy beach of Poppit Sands, the holiday cottage is directly situated on the beach offering numerous amenities for all guests including both adults and children.

The Poppit Sands holiday cottage encompasses a large lounge area and kitchen. The lounge area has a TV, HD satellite television and a DVD player. The sofa on the bed can be converted into a double bed. A bathroom, shower and cubicle are also present for guests. The Poppit Sands holiday cottage can accommodate up to 6 guests at a time. It is truly a very comfortable, enjoyable and tranquil cottage within a very beautiful area of the beach in Pembrokeshire.

Come and enjoy the beautiful sunset views of Pembrokeshire with many activities to enjoy during your holiday season. Beautiful picturesque views from all different landscapes can bring long lasting memories that will be for you for the rest of your life. Apart from these wonderful characteristics in Pembrokeshire, you can also choose the best and most affordable level of accommodation in town with the Poppit Sands holiday cottage. A comfortable place to lounge, relax and enjoy your holiday in Pembrokeshire.