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Kite Landboarding

Kite Landboarding

I know next to nothing about this but by brother-in-law Mat  does attempt to put himself in A&E everytime he has a go.

Kitelandboards are mountainboards  that people have used to get pulled around on the  beach.  They seem to look like very large skate boards, with chunky wheels.  I suppose that is what they are and where they came from.  The are slightly more stable than a skate board, but there again they need to be when you are being dragged across the beach at a rate of knots.  Actually from what I’ve viewed, if you are still in contact with the beach you are doing pretty well.

The boards have strapps to allow your feet to keep good purchase with the board and from there the kite will pull you along…  Which kite?  From what I’ve read a four line  kite with a sale of 3-4 metres would be a good size to start with.  Mat’s 4m sale can drag me across the beach so there’s plenty of power and danger in 4metres of sale.

Poppit Sands has a create expanse of sand for practicing , although I’m not sure how clean the wind is across the beach, I suppose that just adds to the skill.  If you need A&E then your going to need an Orange mobile, because the reception is pretty poor for any of the other networks…..