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Morawel’s New Water Feature

Has it rained in Poppit  or has it rained in Poppit over the last month?  We always thought that there might be a possibility of rising sea levels and Morawel ending up a little underwater, but we never considered it raining so much that the field at the back would become water logged.  We now have a little waterfall running down the back wall and we have had to put a channel into to drain off onto the beach.  Hopefully this will be a once every 10 year event, but it just shows how much it must have rained for us to have never seen it before.

Other than the rain it was pretty mild before Christmas and Morwel was nice and toasty inside which is lovely coming in off the beach.. Didn’t fancy getting the wetsuit on though I had to say.

Merry Christmas and Happy New to you all.