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Poppit Sands and Food

This is the height of laziness really, but I am for the first time considering buying my food online from Tesco prior to arriving at Morawel and getting it delivered that afternoon.

Now I don’t mind shopping that much normally but on your first day off and having driven a few miles its just top of the list when I arrive at the beach.  Cold beer or wine is normally the first thought having unpacked the car.
So this Easter I think I’m going to give Tesco’s ago and see how it works out, its  pity I can’t leave them a key and they can put it all away for us, do you pay extra for that ?

Webcam of the beach doesn’t look too welcoming at the moment, although I’d still sooner be in Poppit right now than staring out the window at my back garden.  Went to Southend on Sea yesterday  (long story) but all that was there was some huge expanse of wet beach, I couldn’t even see the sea.   I’m sure it looks better  when the tide is in but its not a patch on Poppit or any of the other beaches in Pembrokeshire….