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Poppit Sands Cafe

Probably a little late now to say that the Poppit Sands Cafe is under new ownership since I’m pretty sure that it was last summer but this week was the first time I’d be in there for a while and was pleasantly surprised by how good it looked.   The whole place as been decorated and refitted with furniture and it looks a much much better.   I can’t really comment on what the foods like, since I only went in for a crabbing line  (good range of beach accessories !) but judging by the numbers sitting outside over the Easter weekend they are doing something right.

I think their opening hours are daily 10am – 5pm in the summer and 10.00am -4pm Saturday and Sunday in the winter. With a massive car park next door and a great beach seems like an excellent way to spend a few hours on the beach with some food and drink  afterwards.

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