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Poppit Sands Seal Beach

Well to start with there is no seal beach in Poppit Sands, sorry, you are going to need a kayak or boat to scoot around the coast a little bit.  Normal safety warning of watch the conditions/ buoyancy aids / weather etc  but if you have a couple of hours spare paddle along the coast south towards Ceibwr.  Once you have got to the mouth of the Estuary you need to paddle about 500 metres further until you get to a pretty flat cliff face and a small shingle strip of beach.  There was a good 20  or so seals there last July when we paddled around and if you need a bit of exercise well worth the visit. Sunglasses, sun tan cream and water (or beer!)  are a good idea to.

Actually there was probably a few more than was comfortable when you get close to them.  No dolphins though, I beginning to wonder if I’m ever going to see any of Poppit Sands again!