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Say Caws

Caws Cenarth produce a lovely range of soft and hard cheeses or should we say Caws Cenarth cynhyrchu ystod o gaws meddal a chaled. Now its almost Christmas and having spent a good number of years in the Midlands its always been the tradition to go to the diary and in Cropwell Bishop and get a large piece of Stilton….. its definitely worth a visit if not too far to drive, but 250 miles for cheese it a little extreme, although I did consider it.

Anyway onto Caws Cenarth Cheese  (not sure why they have the extra ‘cheese’ at the end of their name) Cheese Cenarth Cheese does slightly over emphasise what they make.  However they do make excellent cheese and they are only 2 miles away from Abercych so local cheese it is.

They are based just outside of Cenarth and have an excellent range of cheese which I’ve yet to taste.  Roll on Christmas and I’ll have a much more to say about them hopefully.

They are open for visits to see Cheese being made from midday to about 3pm most days.  For further information see their website