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Seaweed @ Poppit Sands

We’ve been playing in the sunny rock pools at Poppit and as a game to keep the kids amused we decided to see who could fine the most different types of seaweed and name them!

So here goes (I should get some photo’s really) I might pop back later and take some

1) Sea Lettuce.  As the name suggests this can be eaten in salards and is high in protein.  Not sure I can confince either of my two kids to try this just yet, but makes a nasty soup !

2) Spiral Wrack. Apparently makes its own food via photosynthesis

3) Channelled Wrack  (we think). Brown mats of the stuff.  Its claim to fame is that is can withstand a number of days out of the water before it dies.

4) Intestine Seaweed

5) Loads of Purple Laver, wasn’t even sure what this was. Known as slake in Ireland and another seaweed which makes good eating with high mineral content.  Looking at it there’s no way thats going to happen anytime soon in Poppit.  Not while Tesco is still going anyway

6) Knotted/Egg Wrack. Common brown alga known as rockweed or Egg wrack.

7) Serrated Wrack. Brownie/Olive colour easy to spot, somewhat harder to find a name for itbladder wrack Seaweed name for it

8) Lots of Bladder Wrack. Real name Fucus vesiculosus and again used for its mineral content


And then there was a fair amount of Kelp washed up to boot.