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Spring at Poppit Sands

So its been a while since I’ve posted anything about Poppit, but the warm sunshine of the last few days as reminded me of last summer at the beach, playing in the sea.    I’ll sort some decent photographs out at Easter but we’ve had a few changes at Morawel over the winter.  There is a new kitchen and an updated bathroom which brings the facilities a little more uptodate.

The storms at Christmas we especially impressive, fortunately the sea didn’t quite make it to the house, I think we probably have another 30 years of global warming before we need some stills for the house… but maybe not.   The storms moved the beach around so much in the 3 days even I was suprised,  for a sheltered beach it does just go to show the power of the ocean.

We will get the booking calendar updated shortly , but give Viv a call if you are thinking of coming down over the next few months, we are slowly  (or not so slowly) filling weeks.

Hopefully this summer will be as nice and warm as last years