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Starting to Surf Part 1


Poppit is a great place to start to learn to surf.  The waves range from flat to few feet and given the large open beach there’s always plenty of space to find a spot on your own.   What do I need to start ?    Well I’d recommend getting a few lessons from an instructor to start with.  Outer Reef Surf School have quiet a comprehensive program of instruction.

Next you really need a wetsuit at all times of the year.  Now you can manage 30mins in the summer without one, but its so much nicer with one.   Summer wise a 3mm wetsuit i find is sufficient and for the winter I use the same wetsuit and a 2mm rash vest with a hood underneath.  THe hood is essential when its windy in the winter, even when its not cold, the winds bite.   And lastly some boots and cloves.  If your warm you can stay in longer and practice and wait for that wave.

The webcam at Baysports is probably the best indicator of surf at Poppit, but other local beaches of note can be found here