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“Uncovering the Hidden Gems of Pembrokeshire: A Local’s Guide to Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures”

As a resident of Pembrokeshire, I am often asked by visitors for recommendations on where to go and what to do in this beautiful corner of Wales. While there are plenty of well-known attractions such as St. David’s Cathedral and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, there are also hidden gems scattered throughout the county that often go unnoticed by tourists. These hidden gems offer unique and off-the-beaten-path adventures that will give you a true taste of the local culture and beauty of Pembrokeshire.

To help you uncover these hidden gems, I have put together a guide to some of my favorite off-the-beaten-path adventures in Pembrokeshire.

1. Explore the Hidden Beaches

Pembrokeshire is known for its stunning sandy beaches, but there are also hidden coves and beaches that are lesser-known to tourists. One of my favorite hidden beaches is Barafundle Bay, located on the southern coast of the county. This secluded beach can only be accessed by foot, either by walking along the Coastal Path from Stackpole Quay or through the Stackpole Estate. The walk is well worth it as you will be rewarded with crystal clear waters and golden sands, surrounded by cliffs covered in wildflowers.

Another hidden gem is Porthmelgan Beach, located near the popular village of Solva. This small beach is only accessible by foot and can be reached by walking along the Coastal Path from Solva. It is the perfect spot for a peaceful picnic or a swim in the calm waters.

2. Discover the Secret Waterfalls

While everyone knows about the famous waterfall at St. Nons, Pembrokeshire is also home to some lesser-known but equally beautiful waterfalls. One of my favorites is Pwllgwaelod Waterfall, located near the village of Dinas Cross. This hidden gem can be reached by following a short, but steep, path down to the beach. The waterfall cascades directly onto the sand and is a great spot for a refreshing dip on a hot summer day.

Another hidden waterfall is located in the heart of the Preseli Hills. The Gwaun Valley Waterfall is not marked on any maps and can only be found by following a narrow path through the woods. But the effort is well worth it as you will be rewarded with a picturesque waterfall surrounded by lush greenery.

3. Visit the Lesser-Known Castles

Pembrokeshire is home to some impressive castles, such as Pembroke Castle and Carew Castle. But there are also lesser-known castles that are worth a visit. One of these hidden gems is Narberth Castle, located in the small market town of Narberth. This ruined castle dates back to the 13th century and offers stunning views of the rolling countryside.

Another hidden castle is Wiston Castle, located near the village of Wiston. This medieval castle is surrounded by a moat and is a great spot for a picnic or a peaceful stroll.