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Whats on in Cardigan this week 2019-07-25

Tyhai: Indo-Celtic trio; CD album launch


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1347332/tyhai-indo-celtic-trio-cd-album-launch
8 pm/ £10
01239 615952
Sun 18 Aug 2019

The Magic of Motown


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1339578/the-magic-of-motown
20:00 Doors open 18:30. £25 per ticket. Standard rate, no concessions. HYNT cardholders entitled to caregiver ticket 01239 621200


Huw Stephens:Charlotte Church’s Late Night Dungeon


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1339582/huw-stephenscharlotte-churchs-late-night-dungeon
19:00 Ticket prices: £22.50, Under 18s 15.00. HYNT cardholders entitled to caregiver ticket 01239 621200

Sat 27 Jul 2019

Illyria: Frankenstein


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1339603/illyria-frankenstein
19:00 Ticket prices: £16.00, Concessions £14:00, Child £11.00. 01239 621200

Wed 31 Jul 2019

Cardigan County Show


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1289474/cardigan-county-show
09:00 Entry Fee – £10.00 Children (16 and under) – £3.00 Family Ticket – £25 (2 adults and up to 3 children [16 and under]) 01545 570 501

Sat 3 Aug 2019

Cardigan Carnival


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1335687/cardigan-carnival
01654 702653

Sat 10 Aug 2019

Cardigan River and Food Festival


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1289483/cardigan-river-and-food-festival
01239 615554

Sat 17 Aug 2019

Tresaith Regatta and Beach Party


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1344256/tresaith-regatta-and-beach-party

Sat 3 Aug 2019 and Sun 4 Aug 2019

The Merry Wives of Windsor


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1335674/the-merry-wives-of-windsor
20:00 Ticket prices: Adult £10.00, Concessions £8.00. 01239 621200

Wed 7 Aug 2019 to Sat 10 Aug 2019

Fighting and Feasting


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1346298/fighting-and-feasting
11:30 to 16:00 Normal admission charges apply + £1.00 per activity. 01239 891319

Today, Mon 29 Jul, Tue 30 Jul, Fri 2 Aug, Mon 5 Aug, Tue 6 Aug, Thu 8 Aug, Mon 12 Aug, Tue 13 Aug, Thu 15 Aug, Mon 19 Aug, Tue 20 Aug, Thu 22 Aug, Mon 26 Aug, Tue 27 Aug, Thu 29 Aug

Experience the Iron Age


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1346783/experience-the-iron-age
11:30 to 16:00 Normal admission prices apply. 01239 891319

Fri 26 Jul, Sat 3 Aug, Fri 9 Aug, Fri 16 Aug, Fri 23 Aug, Fri 30 Aug, Sat 7 Sep, Sat 14 Sep

Good Dog Day


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1335628/good-dog-day
11:00 to 16:00 Normal admission price applies + £3.00 per dog for entry to competition. 01239 891319

Sun 28 Jul 2019

Roman Day


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1346296/roman-day
11:30 to 13:00 14:00 to 16:00 Normal admission charges apply + £1.00 per activity. 01239 891319

Today, Mon 29 Jul, Tue 30 Jul, Fri 2 Aug, Mon 5 Aug, Tue 6 Aug, Thu 8 Aug, Mon 12 Aug, Tue 13 Aug, Thu 15 Aug, Mon 19 Aug, Tue 20 Aug, Thu 22 Aug, Mon 26 Aug, Tue 27 Aug, Thu 29 Aug

Discovery Day


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1346771/discovery-day
11:30 to 16:00 Normal admission prices apply + additional charges for the activities. 01239 891319

Today, Fri 26 Jul, Mon 29 Jul, Wed 31 Jul, Fri 2 Aug, Sat 3 Aug, Mon 5 Aug, Wed 7 Aug to Fri 9 Aug, Mon 12 Aug, Wed 14 Aug to Fri 16 Aug, Mon 19 Aug, Wed 21 Aug to Fri 23 Aug, Mon 26 Aug, Wed 28 Aug to Fri 30 Aug, Sat 7 Sep

Celtic Celebrations


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1335642/celtic-celebrations
11:00 to 16:00 Normal admission prices apply + £1 per activity. 01239 891319

Thu 1 Aug 2019

Legio VIII Augusta Roman Living History


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1335729/legio-viii-augusta-roman-living-history
11:00 to 16:00 Arena Displays at 11.30am and 2.30pm. Event prices: Adult £6.00, Child £4.00. 01239 891319

Sat 17 Aug 2019 and Sun 18 Aug 2019

Rhyd-y-Groes – Open Garden for NGS


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1298717/rhyd-y-groes-open-garden-for-ngs
Sat 8, Sun 9 June, Sat 20 July (1-5). Sun 21 July (1-5), also open Treffgarne Hall. Sat 10, Sun 11 Aug (1-5). Admission £4.50, Children £1.50. Home-made teas. Times:13:00 to 17:00. Telephone:01239 891363. Visits also by arrangement May to Aug for groups of 20+. Refreshments by request when booking.. Open for charity.
01239 891363
Sat 10 Aug 2019 and Sun 11 Aug 2019

Model Show


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1329414/model-show
10:00 to 16:00 Free entry 0300 111 2 333

Today and Tomorrow

Scrappy Sheep Club – Wooden Spoon Pirate Puppets


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1339614/scrappy-sheep-club-wooden-spoon-pirate-puppets
Free entry 0300 111 2 333

Thu 1 Aug 2019 and Fri 2 Aug 2019

Glyn Bach Gardens – National Collection of Monarda in Flower


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1345177/glyn-bach-gardens-national-collection-of-monarda-in-flower
Anytime between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm but please do ring us first.The admission fee is £4 of which £2 goes to Plant Heritage (Registered Charity) and £2 goes back into the collection.Tea and cake are available on request – £3.50.
01994 419104
Sat 27 Jul 2019

Tradewinds – Open Garden for NGS


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1298714/tradewinds-open-garden-for-ngs
Sun 16 June, Sun 4 Aug (11-5). Admission £4, Children free. Home-made teas. Times:11:00 to 17:00. Telephone:01994484744. Open for charity.
Sun 4 Aug

Dyffryn Fernant – Open Garden for NGS


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1298727/dyffryn-fernant-open-garden-for-ngs
For NGS: Sun 5 May (12-5), also open Treffgarne Hall. Sun 4 Aug, Sun 1 Sept (12-5). Admission £7, Children free. Home-made teas. Times:12:00 to 17:00. Telephone:01348 811282. Open for charity.
01348 811282
Sun 4 Aug, Sun 1 Sep

Try Lawn Bowling

See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1348017/try-lawn-bowling
Call Christine Brind Secretary for times
Sat 27 Jul 2019 to Fri 30 Aug 2019

Gwili Fryer


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1346336/gwili-fryer
18:00 Ticket prices: Adult (16+) £16.50 – £19.50, Child £10.50 – £11.00. See website for food options. 01267 238213

Sat 27 Jul, Sat 3 Aug, Sat 10 Aug, Sat 17 Aug

Fishguard Soapbox Derby 2019


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1309165/fishguard-soapbox-derby-2019
12:00 to 17:00

Sat 27 Jul 2019

Hands Up: defining 40 years of puppetry


August 2019 Exhibition open times: Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 4.30pm We are delighted to announce that 2019 marks 40 years of puppetry spanning Ann Shrosbree’s and Bill Hamblett’s careers. To celebrate Small World Theatre is creating an exhibition of puppets from different shows with the stories behind the characters. From early work as Dandelion Puppets for Centre for Alternative Technology 1979, through Arts and Development work in Africa, Asia and the Middle East to the present day. Visitors will…
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August 1 @ 10:00 am

Family Mod-roc Mask Making Workshop


12.30am – 3.30pm Start times will be staggered so please book well in advance Join a fun mask making workshop using Mod-roc (plaster bandage) to cast your child’s likeness. A Mod-roc mask is moulded on the child, so it becomes an exact fit (they must be prepared to have Vaseline on their faces). You will be tutored in moulding the material on the child’s face. The experience is an important part of the process as the child needs to be…
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August 6 @ 12:30 pm

Shadow Puppet Making


10am – 12.30pm Design, make and learn to manipulate your own beautiful filigree shadow puppet with Small World Theatre artists. Take part in a short improv performance at the end of the session using a shadow screen. Use your mobile phone to film it and share it with your friends on social media! #masterpuppets #shadowpuppets #smallworldtheatre Suits all ages 6 +. £10
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August 8 @ 10:00 am

Cardigan River & Food Festival


10am – 5pm Small World Theatre proudly partners Cardigan River & Food Festival for the 21st annual Cardigan River and Food Festival; bringing our community together and celebrating the innovation of our local food producers. Sample the highest quality of Welsh food and drink. Be inspired by renowned chefs in the Demo Kitchen, fire smoke ring cannons at paddle boarders on the River Teifi, face painting, entertainers, dancing and identifying Dolphins in the Wildlife Pod. Small World Theatre will be…
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August 17 @ 10:00 am

Belonging – a performance by The Golden Thread Playback Theatre Company


Playback is interactive community theatre at its best, improvisation with a touch of magic; sometimes stirring, sometimes comical and everything in between. This will be a unique, never to be repeated evening where you can share your stories about what belonging means to you: place – family – culture – group – diversity – fitting in – connections – barriers – friends Playback Theatre creates a ritual space where any story – however ordinary, extraordinary, hidden or difficult – might…
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August 17 @ 6:00 pm

T?hai: Indo Celtic Trio


CD Album Launch Tour A mesmerising fusion of Celtic and Indian music, featuring lyrical Indian singer, Rajesh David, the hauntingly virtuosic guitar playing of Dylan Fowler and Pete Stacey’s sublime soprano saxophone and alto flute. Dylan Fowler is well known for his fine musicianship and innovative collaborations with musicians from around the world. Flautist and saxophonist, Pete Stacey, has worked with leading Indian classical musicians such as Hariprasad Chaurasia and Nishat Khan who performed in St David’s Hall and the…
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August 18 @ 8:00 pm

The Dapper Cadavers and The Chalk Outlines


DJ Mr. A will be warming up the dance floor with a strictly vinyl selection of rocksteady, reggae and ska from the 60’s and 70’s. The Dappers are a memorable 4-piece band, with a unique fun take on Reggae Ska and Punk. They have 12 years together performing raucous good-humoured songs with a hint of realism. They’ve entertained audiences numerable time at Glastonbury and Boomtown with their infectious dance-based sound. Expect to be on the dance floor from the start…
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August 30 @ 8:00 pm

Kaite O’Reilly Singing the old bones ~ new stories from ancient texts


1 space left for booking! 2pm – 5pm Revisiting older stories can be a masterclass in narrative. Myths, fairy stories, epics from Ancient Greek drama and the oral tradition survive as they seem to speak to each age anew. These archetypal characters and narratives inspire and invite constant reinvention, yet the old bones remain true. In this practical workshop we will retell, remake and renew, participants exploring individual perspectives on timeless themes, reshaping ancient tales to illuminate something contemporary. The…
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September 7 @ 2:00 pm

Kaite O’Reilly’s new version of Aeschylus’s classic verse drama


Book Launch of ‘Persians’ Aeschylus was a soldier-playwright involved in the battle of Salamis in 480 BCE, when the vastly out-numbered Greeks defeated the might of the marauding Persian Empire. This exploration of the pity of war from the point of the view of the defeated is an extraordinary feat of compassion, and the oldest existing text in the Western theatrical canon. Kaite wrote her new version for Mike Pearson’s site-specific production on Ministry of defence land in the Brecon…
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September 7 @ 6:00 pm

Move On Up


Welcome to the hottest selection of funk, soul and beyond! Join Mr. A for another fantastic night as he plays more of the Greats from his vast collection of 45s and 33s. No mixing, no scratching, no overdubs just great tunes guaranteed to have you shimmying around the dance floor. Get ready for an eclectic mix of Detroit Soul, New Orleans Funk, West Coast Wah-wah, Harlem Shuffle and New York Disco with inspiring, groovy projections by Mr. W..
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September 14 @ 8:00 pm