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Whats on in Cardigan this week 2022-04-21

Easter Fun / Hwyl Pasg

See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1482248/easter-fun-hwyl-pasg

Sat 23 April

Paper Print Paint – Spring Show


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1482253/paper-print-paint-spring-show
Free entry
Sat 23 Apr

Dyffryn Fernant – Open Garden for NGS


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1467488/dyffryn-fernant-open-garden-for-ngs
For NGS: Sun 8 May, Sun 14 Aug (11-5). Admission Â?7, Children free. Times:11:00 to 17:00. Open for charity.Please check website below for latest information.
01348 811282
Sun 8 May

Willow basket and sculpture workshop


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1478284/willow-basket-and-sculpture-workshop
9.30am – 4.30pm starting Saturday 30 April 2022 One Day course fee of Â?60 to be paid at time of booking and Â?10 for materials to be paid on the day
Sat 30 April

Fox & the Fire + BardForLife + Jake Madhatter @ Cwrw


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1480270/fox-the-fire-bardforlife-jake-madhatter-cwrw
Doors open: 18:30: 18+


Treffgarne Hall – Open Garden for NGS


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1467487/treffgarne-hall-open-garden-for-ngs
Sun 1 May (1-5). Admission Â?5, Children free. Check website for pop up opening in July. Picnic boxes as refreshments: Please reserve by phone, email or Facebook PM or bring your own!. Times:13:00 to 17:00. Open for charity.Please check website below for latest information.
01437 741115
Sun 1 May

Olwen Thomas In The Spotlight – ‘Not Just Jugs!’

See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1480781/olwen-thomas-in-the-spotlight-not-just-jugs
Open 10.30am – 4pm Tuesday – Saturday Free
Fri 8 Apr to Sat 30 April

Members Spring Exhibition


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1479409/members-spring-exhibition
Open Tuesday-Saturday 10.30am-4pm Free
Wed 30 Mar to Sat 28 May

Cragen Beca Parade


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1481910/cragen-beca-parade
Sunday 1 May14:00 – 16:30FREE
01267 222 775
Sun 1 May



See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1474964/sabotage
upcoming showsPricing (depending on the show date)£20 – £24 Full Price£13 – £17 Concession£50 – £65 Family of 4 *Peak price shows: Friday evenings and weekendsearlybird offerGet 20% off all tickets Book now and get 20% off your tickets with the special EARLY BIRD code: “EARLYBIRD” or for family tickets use “EARLYBIRDfam”. Offer ends Monday 7 March.family offerA family of 4 can attend for the special price of £50 – £65.
02921 321 021
Today to Sat 23 Apr

Colby Woodland Garden – Open Garden for NGS


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1467493/colby-woodland-garden-open-garden-for-ngs
For NGS: Sat 14, Sun 15 May, Sat 24, Sun 25 Sept (10-5). Admission by donation. Times:10:00 to 17:00. Open for charity.Please check website below for latest information.
01646 623 110
Sat 14 May and Sun 15 May

Pen-y-Garn – Open Garden for NGS


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1468315/pen-y-garn-open-garden-for-ngs
Sun 24 Apr, Sat 2 July (11-4). Admission £4, Children free. Home-made teas. Times:11:00 to 16:00. Open for charity.Please check website below for latest information.
Sun 24 Apr, Sat 2 Jul

Andrew Holmes Fun Fair


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1476278/andrew-holmes-fun-fair
Free entry & free parking
Wed 13 Apr to Sun 24 April

Festival of Fire


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1481976/festival-of-fire
During the daytime it’s free to enter and grab some tasty treats, but come nightfall the event will be ticketed, at £3 for a child and £5 for an adult.
Fri 29 Apr to Sun 1 May

Kendal Mountain Tour Aberystwyth


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1471527/kendal-mountain-tour-aberystwyth
01539 732567
Thu 5 May

Bryngwyn – Open Garden for NGS


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1467816/bryngwyn-open-garden-for-ngs
Sat 14, Mon 16 May, Sat 11, Mon 13 June, Mon 29, Wed 31 Aug (1.30-5.30). Admission Â?4, Children free. Home-made teas. Times:13:30 to 17:30. Open for charity.Please check website below for latest information.
01970 880760
Sat 14 May, Mon 16 May, Sat 11 Jun, Mon 13 Jun

Swansea University Postgraduate Virtual Information Session


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1479629/swansea-university-postgraduate-virtual-information-session
10:30-12:00 (BST), free

Sat 30 April

9 Willowbrook Gardens – Open Garden for NGS


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1467474/9-willowbrook-gardens-open-garden-for-ngs
Sat 14, Sun 15 May (1-5). Admission £5, Children free. Times:13:00 to 17:00. Open for charity.Please check website below for latest information.

Sat 14 May and Sun 15 May

NTLive – Henry V


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1482557/ntlive-henry-v
Full Price: £14.00, Concession Price: £12.00,
Start time: 7:15pm
01792 602060

The Great Insect Games


See website for details https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1482558/the-great-insect-games
Free of charge
Start time: 12.00pm and 2.00pm
01792 602060