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Why Your Next Holiday Should be in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Do you know why over a million people visit Pembrokeshire every year?

Pembrokeshire is in the south west of Wales and makes for an amazing holiday destination. There are many great activities, historical places and visitor attractions available. People enjoy going to see Pembroke Castle (the birthplace of Henry VII), doing some surfing in the nearby sea, or relaxing at a beach like Poppit Sands.

Where to Stay

You should first decide where to stay while in Pembrokeshire. A holiday cottage is easily one of the best options. It has a very homely feel and at the same time puts you right in the centre of the countryside. But you also have a choice between hundreds of hotels, guesthouses, caravan parks, camp sites and holiday parks.

Endless Activities

Pembrokeshire is well known for its coastal national park and the famous coast path national trail. There are many leisure activities to take part in there is always something available for all ages. Here are just some of the things you could do.

1. Join an activity centre. If you want some guidance and organisation on the activities you’re interested in, then you should take your pick from the many centres available.

2. Go to the beach. There are many great beaches to be found in Pembrokeshire. Poppit Sands is a popular one.

3. Super Surfing. While you’re at the beach, why not try your hand at surfing. Pembrokeshire is ideally suited for surfing, as its location allows for consistent waves.

4. Crazy Coasteering. Walking, climbing and swimming along the rocky coastline can be great fun, but make sure you take safety into consideration. It is recommended to join an organised group.

5. A spot of Bird-watching. Why not enjoy the wildlife the area has to offer. From Peregrines and Ravens, to Merlins and Choughs, many different bird species can be found, depending on the season you visit.

6. Sea Kayaking. The hundreds of miles of coastline surrounding Pembrokeshire, makes for a great place for canoeing and kayaking in the sea.

7. Cycling. From cycling on the roads, mountain biking and touring, there is something available for all levels of cyclists.

8. Kite boarding. It is also known as Kite Surfing. There is growing popularity in this extreme sport, which combines aspects of surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and paragliding. It’s certainly not for the feint of heart.

9. Fishing for fun. If you love fishing then Pembrokeshire is a great place to visit. It doesn’t matter what type of fishing you are interested in (Coarse, Game or Sea angling), there are handy guides showing you all the best beaches and locations.

10. Rock Climbing. The rocky Pembrokeshire coastline is a great place for climbing. Choose from over 3000 routes and no matter your current rock climbing ability, there will be something suitable for you.

These are just a small sample of possible activities waiting for you in Pembrokeshire. You can have a go at sailing, diving, golf, power-boating, paragliding, Paddle-boarding, horse riding and dozens of other activities on land and sea.