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Catching Fish in the Rock Pools

How to catch small fish in the rock pools at Poppit Sands.  Its surprising how many fish there are in the rock pools, and how rarely you seem them.  What follows is my children’s tried and tested method of capturing small fish in the rock pools.

To start with you need a fishing net (standard £1.50 affair that they sell everywhere) and a crab line.   The technique involves finding a rock pool with an over hanging rock that fish can swim under.   Bait the crab line with some shell fish from the rocks.  Unfortunately this does mean the rather grisly end to the shell fish as you smash it into little bits.

So with you baited line, dangle it at the edge of the rock over hang  and wait.  Hopefully fish will start feeding on it within a minute or so , if fish are present.    Then comes the skill in trying to get the fish far enough out to scoop it into the next….. Good Luck.