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Sun Tan Cream

Now I know there is a certain irony about discussing sun tan cream for a holiday in Wales, but really it s does get hot sometimes and we have all burnt on the beach.  Reflective water and cool breezes all hide the danger of frying in the sun at Poppit Sands.  The article on wind breaks and  wet weather gear is yet to be written.

SPF – Sun Protect Factors

This measures the amount of addition time you can spend in the sun before burning.  SPF 20 lotion will increase the time you can safely stay in the sun by twenty times, PROVIDING yo reply frequently and especially after swimming.  I always like that bit, sandy hands rubbing in cream to less than impressed children. I’ve always used factor 40-50 on the kids.  Mind sort of prefer the spray rather than cream, but whatever works.  All I know is you need to get it on as quick as possible, before they get bored and run off.


Sun damage is caused  by the sun’s ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. UVA rays are long-wave and can  penetrate the skin more deeply and apparently are a major factor in creating wrinkles.   UVB rays are thought to be  the main  culprit in the development of skin cancer.

So in summary were plenty of suntan cream/spray  when you are on or around the beach and keep applying it all day.  Rash vests and hats are also essential tools of staying pale.
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