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Ceibwr Bay

If you fancy a trip to another near by beach then I recommend  Ceibwr.   Turn right up the hill at the car and follow signs for Moylgrove.  Its narrow and slow, but only about 5 miles away.  When in Moylgrove,  turn right just as you start going back up the hill.  It is signed, but its not big a big sign !

Why go ?  Well there’s a lovely sheltered shingle beach, with perhaps no one on it.  There’s spectacular cliffs and a pretty decent all round view for an hour or two.   The beach is apparently unsafe for bathing (well use a bath I say) however with a wet suit and snorkel there is lots to see.  Although don’t go if its been raining as the stream that feeds the bay makes visibility near zero… not good experience.    So take a towel, get in the car and go and see some scenery.

As for facilities there are none…  its a lovely little beach that few people know about.  See if you can find the Witches’ Cauldron and if you dare getting close enough to the edge you may see some seals on the rocks.

Rumour has it that Pembrokeshire seals are far more friendly than Ceredigion ones, not sure who started that one so seals in Ceibwr and dolphins in Mwnt.