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Poppit RNLI Rescue Horse

This article  my horse mad kids thought was brilliant.  Sunday 15th January the Cardigan (well Poppit really) RNLI rescued a horse that had tried swimming to Ireland by jumping off the cliff at Ceibwr.

There is video on the RNLI site of the whole rescue which is probably worth a 5mins view.  Hats off to the crew who spend a lot of their spare time and put themselves at considerable risk at times.  Launching that boat from the beach at times looks hairy but fun all the same.   There is further info about volunteering onthe RNLI website, there has been a lifeboat station in or around Cardigan since 1849.  Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings are normally training nights and the boats are launched.   And has a side note if you are driving to Poppit on the narrow roads and a car or van comes up behind you at speed flashing his lights, just get out of their way they are probably trying to get to the lifeboat station.  I know there is lots of debate on this but  i think they should be allowed to have blue or green flashing lights !