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Coasteering at Poppit Sands

We decided to do some child friend coasteering this year while at Poppit Sands.  For those that aren’t familiar with the activity it basically involves scrabbling around the coastline over rocks thru the water and jumping off anything that looks safe.
Fortunately just around the corner is a small cove called Ceibwr  (about a mile from Molygrove) you can park the car and its a short walk to the rocks and into the sea.
I’ve got to say that I wouldn’t recommend trying this without some basic safety equipment.  Fun as it maybe the sea is a dangerous place.  So we had full wetsuits, buoyancy aids,  everyone had a helmet (v important this since it’s easy to bash your head)  and wetsuit boots.
I also had a dry bag with basic first aid  kit, mobile and handheld marine radio.  The idea being that if we needed help we could hopefully radio or phone someone and lots of chocolate bars.
So from the car park we head straight towards the rocks, climbed down and went left along the rocks.  We started by all learning to get into the water safely… basic belly flop really just in case there are hidden rocks.  No diving and jumping unless you really know the area.  We went just before high tide  on a calm day.   We went for about 30mins long the coast, swimming and climbing.  There’s a great cave which you can swim thru if your not tooooo scared.  But be careful and you really hear to have a helmet on or it may be the last thing you do.
Kids loved it, but got a little cold towards the end.  Definitely will do a bit of coasteering again and find some more and higher places to jump. Fforest outdoors (by the bridge in Cardigan) run some guided tours with all the equipment if you fancy trying it without buying all the kit.