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Self Catering in Wales

Someone asked me if I won the lottery would I still go to Poppit Sands on holiday?  Clearly he didn’t know me very well and the reply wsa yes, why wouldn’t I want to go to Poppit Sands.  But it did sort of get me thinking on reflection why I answered yes so quickly and without hesitation.

I think probably self catering at Poppit just to me means freedom and control over how I spend my day and the flexibility to change my mind at a drop of a hat.   I can eat what I like, when I like and as much as I like.  Yes eating out is a great experience and I enjoy that, but not every night it really is too much hassle.  So I love self catering holidays in a cottage that has all the necessary facilities for me to cook and enjoy my time.

When I really can’t face the washing up and cooking I go out to eat and enjoy that too.   So back to the original question about money being no object, would you still holiday in Wales at Poppit?  I now sort of understand why I would and why I’m unlikely to change my mind in the near future.  Of course having not won the lottery self catering in a cottage by the sea is of course much cheaper than paying to be waited on in a hotel.

If have a family, which of course we do, then the cost of eating out for every meal is just frightening, even in a modest place like Cardigan.

Poppit Sands Holiday cottage has all the necessary equipment to cook the largest of meals that you desire and can eat while watching the sand and sea.  Or better still cook your meal in the cottage and picnic on the beach with your tea, given its a good 40 yards to the beach from the cooker at Poppit.

Holidays in Wales are a great  choice for families of all ages who want a getaway somewhere unforgettable, yet who don’t want to travel overseas. There are a number of cottages available in Wales available from  lots of  holiday agencies.