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Horse Riding on Poppit Sands

There can be nothing better than cantering your horse on a massive open beach with next you no one around.  How often can you do that ?  Well if you live near Poppit Sands  and the tide is out your are in luck.  Poppit is a large sandy beach  and horses are welcome.   You can run or wlak your horse in the shallows or just gallop flat out across the sand.  To add to this fantastic beach, there is also a really large car park where turning and or parking your trailers in pretty straight forward even for those that can’t reverse.  Why not opo along to Poppit Sands one evening and give it a go, check the tide times first since there is a lot more beach to play with at low tide.

I have a video here from August bank holiday one year showing the beach, but  its really not that busy for most of the time. If its sunny this weekend I’ll try and shoot another few shots of the beach for the record.  But given the weather over the last few days I’m not hopeful.

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