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Sands Holiday

Browsing around the web I found one of my posts on building sand castles while on holiday copied exactly and placed on someone else’s website.  Fair comment to a degree we all get ideas from reading but this site had exactly copied the content with no link back or explanation that I was the orginal author.  The site in question is sands holiday dot com and I’m really hoping if I put enough keywords (Holiday sand sand beach) it will blindly pick this up and advertise to all what its doing while on holiday on the sandy beach.   Poppit Sands posts come from this site  and I have not given permission for any other site to scrape the results and copy them.   Sands Holiday dot com doesn’t write its own content and there is no contact details to ask them nicely to remove it.   So if you want to read real content produced by someone come here or anywhere else other than that site.

Rant over…. I may get one backlink from it !