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MTB Pembrokeshire

I’ve always been fairly active riding on the South Downs and other bits of the UK but never actually brought my bike down to Poppit.   Thats probably because every journey I make the car is packed and when I get down here the children aren’t the best people to ride out with.  Really they aren’t that good and complain when they come across the first hill.

So I thought I’d have a look around and see where I could ride if I just happen to upgrade my bike and have a spare to leave at Poppit..

There are a few outlets that hire bikes locally and do a few courses which might be a fun activity day while staying at Poppit, although at the beach you really should do some water based activity!

Newport Bike Hire

MTB Pembrokeshire

Newgale Outdoor Education Centre

No idea if they are any good or not but their websites look professional enough.  So where can I go?  I think The Preseli;s seem like the best starting place.  Reasonable height with good road access and not too far away, actually given M+D are only about 5 miles from Crymych I could do it when not in Poppit.  I found a route provided by WhatMountainBike magazine which I’m going to give a try here

But the more I started looking the more routes I found.  This site has a number of routes with descriptions from the surrounding area. Worth noting that the Preselis seem to be a dry only place  (summer/spring?) given how the conditions change and how nicely your MTB churns up the road :