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Top 10 Drinks for Poppit

Top 10 beach drinks to try at Poppit Sands when the weather improves a little bit!

10)  Red Stripe Lager.  Cool refreshing drink  with a hint of the Jamaican sunshine.

9) Sex on the Beach.   I suppose you could  have guessed that would be on the list.  Vodka based cocktail with peach schnapps, fresh orange juice and maybe a hint of cranberry.

8) Mimosa.  Champagne or sparkling wine based drink with orange juice.  One part juice to one part champagne, similar to bucks fizz but that has two parts orange juice… so your’re better off with this !

7) White Russian.   Cocktail based around vodka and coffee liqueurs (tia Maria,Kahlua etc) and cream.

6) Blue Hawaiin.  Looks great this drink, made from light run, pineapple juice, blue curacao liqueur and cream of coconut.  All available from Tesco !

5)  Tequila Sunrise.  Mexican beach drink with a number of variations.  But basically its tequila based drink with lime juice, crème de cassis and soda water.

4) Bloody Mary.  Vodka  with tomato, lemon and lime juice mixed up with Worcester and tabasco sauce.

3) Pina Colada. Another Caribbean drink  with rum, pineapple and coconut.  Been popular for decades.

2) Margarita. Tequila and Cointreau and lime juice. Sit back and think of Mexico.

1) Poppit Sands tap water served over crushed ice in a chilled glass!